Friday, March 25, 2011

She's done!

She's all done and ready for her new home! Yippie! The Imp has decided that he loves this doll - checked her "diaper" and everything. So now I'm off to make clothes for his doll (and yes, I still owe the Elf a ninja doll).

I'm, personally, rather happy with how this turned out.

Here are the Ravelry details for all the pieces:
The doll (using this pattern)
The knickers
The dress (using this pattern)


  1. OH MY WORD! You are amazing! I guess I had better get moving on turning the pile of cut-out pieces into something huggable:)

  2. Sweet doll. I love the hair. I think she would make a fun companion to have on an adventure.

  3. Oh she is adorable!! I love how the rainbow hair turned out and the clothing is so sweet :) Wow!

    Love the peg dolls below in the other post to. I'll have to check out the shop you mentioned because those are really cute. I just got a box of spring swaps that I did through one of the waldorf yahoo groups and we got some super cute stuff I can't wait to share :)

  4. Ah! I love her hair!

    I wonder if mine would do that?

  5. I second all comments above -- esp. re: the rainbow hair (and I could use some ruffly knickers, too, except, practical girl that I am, I expect they'd chafe my legs...)

    P.S. Do you let your little beastie sleep with his amber necklace at night? I take the necklace off my wee bloom... he's cheerful during the day and cries at night... I wonder if it's helping during the day and he's missing it at night?

  6. what a gorgeous doll! seriously lovin' that rainbow hair!!
    xo maureen

  7. The rainbow hair is awesome! She is going to make a great friend, I bet. All handmade is good, but there is something so special about a handmade doll...

  8. She is absolutely adorable:) I dream of having rainbow hair like her someday;)

  9. She is so beautiful!! Nice work. :)