Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The weekend.

As predicted, within a day or two of cutting his first tooth, the Beast cut his second. Accompanying the teeth is a new interest in solid food. He's gummed an apple piece into sauce, devoured muenster cheese, happily sucked hummus of B's finger. Alas, his teething necklace still has not graced our mailbox, though. Bah.

Yesterday (technically part of our weekend because B had off from work) I was so very pleased to find Pele's New Suit at the Goodwill bookstore. For less than $2! Score! So now we finally own an Elsa Beskow book - one less for me to repeatedly check out from the library. I also found a couple other nice looking books for the boys. I'm still weeding out "junk" books from our current collection.

I made these "cookie" bars and oh. my. goodness! I love them. So does the Imp. His love of them keeps me from pigging out the way I'd like to. Instead we carefully dole out small pieces after we've eaten sufficient "real" food. I covered our bars with crushed spelt pretzels. Next time I'll just sprinkle them with salt instead.

In other news, I'm on the second leg of the Beast's longies. Not sure what I'll start next - too many choices!

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  1. teething...so rough on mama and babe. hope that necklace gets there soon!