Monday, January 17, 2011


I've been trying to post this for days. The Beast is still sick. I stayed up holding him the other night. He slept, I knitted. Come morning I was ready to collapse. I still haven't recovered properly.

Here are the finished longies. Again, I used this pattern and used Wool of the Andes in Cobblestone Heather.

I made cookies for myself last night. Just for me. I do share them, but my boys would prefer them with chocolate chips. I wanted something I could eat for breakfast (or in the middle of the night with a sick Beast) and not feel too guilty (or sick). This was my pathetic attempt at Maureen's "Taking Care of Mama" Monday.


  1. I have just written about cookies - what a coincidence!
    Here is my taking care of Mama post:

  2. I think cookies for yourself sounds good. I make big batches of cookies in our home, just to guarantee I get more than one.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  3. love those longies! i do hope y'all are on the mend soon.

    rest and be well!

    ps: cookies for breakfast is sheer genius.

  4. Cheryl: Making cookies without chocolate is the best way to ensure I get some in our house. Happily, the cookies I make are easy enough to make whenever the need arises. (:

  5. Those longies look great, maybe I'll use that pattern for my next project...