Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feels like a Monday.

It is Thursday, right? Because it feels very much like a Monday.

Last night, at 11pm, the Beast cut his first tooth - on B's finger. There they are, walking in the living room with B's fingers in the Beast's mouth. One is happily chewing, the other.. well.. he was probably talking to me about computer things. I don't remember. All of a sudden B declares "I feel a tooth!" This poor baby has been teething for months (and his amber necklace still isn't here. Grr.) with nothing to show for it. Likely, he'll prove to be like his brothers and magically pop out several more teeth in the next month.

This morning I made Dutch Babies. What an appalling name. But oh! So tasty! We didn't have enough milk for cereal this morning, so I made the Elf and I a treat. Next time I think I'll leave out the vanilla (I added that instead of nutmeg) and sugar. I'll add cheese instead!

Today (possibly right now, even), my father is having surgery for the second time in a month. On his carotid artery (read: his neck). Everyone I spoke to last night seems ambivalent about it - as though the same risks of heart attack and stroke don't apply as they did last month (they do). Personally, I won't feel comfortable with the day until I hear that he's made it through okay. He and I may not always have seen eye to eye. We might not always have gotten along. But he's my dad.

The sun is out today, no rain! There's a flock of chipping sparrows out front chowing down on bird seed. I will find a way to make the best of today.

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  1. A tooth! That's exciting stuff, and vaguely "charlie bit my finger" memey.

    I hope you have a busy day with those busy boys, and it flies by.