Monday, March 25, 2013


This weekend it rained like the end of the world. So I sat at home with my boys. Here's how I've kept my hands busy since Friday:

Toddlers comparing handknit socks.

Applejack - ravelry details here.

Twilight Sparkle - ravelry details here.

Rainbow Dash - ravelry details here.

I've spun a bobbin worth of yarn every day for four days. It feels really good (at look at how consistent my yarn is getting! Yay!). This will all be dyed and possibly chain-plied. I'm just not sure what I want to do with it yet.

The Beast now has a *pair* of socks. He picked out color for the second one.

Now I'm working on a pair of red-and-sparkle socks for the Imp, as per his request. I love these kids and their crazy sense of style.


  1. Your spinning always looks nice to me. The ponies look like ponies and love the little feet with knit socks!!

  2. I love your ponies! You did an awesome job of making them look like their television counterparts! Particularly, I like that Applejack has a hat. None of the plastic versions of Applejack have hats, except one that has a light green hat, which is just weird.

  3. I love your ponies! It's cool that you used Linda's pattern, they look more like real ponies :) Your rainbow dash is so cool :) and I second for the straw hat!! :D

    your yarn is beautiful as well!

  4. Have you heard about Khan Academy? It's supposed to be great for fun math learning. We have never used it, but are keeping it in mind for the future when/if we might want/need it (and FYI, it's free...)



    *hyperventilates on Ellie's behalf*

    Build-a-Bear has Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie on Monday, we plan to be there when they open shop. :D

  6. You've been My Little Ponie-ing! I've still got Applejack - the first pony I bought with my own money when I was a child.