Monday, March 18, 2013


For a low-key weekend, this one seemed pretty busy.

Saturday was the yarn yard sale at my favorite local yarn store. My youngest and oldest went with me. For $11.50 I scored a mess of sock yarn. Much of it is in small quantities, but since I'm thinking kiddo socks, I don't care. Also, I have no intention of making matching pairs. Ever, if I can help it.

The haul (before I rewound it all neatly):

After that we ran errands - everything was done before noon. The rest of the weekend I spent knitting, watching Doctor Who, watching B play video games, playing video games myself - generally relaxing.

The purple unicorn I was working on for the Beast's birthday has multiplied (still using Linda's pattern).

I can't work on them much while he's awake - their shapes are becoming too obvious. In between horses I finished my first every *pair* of socks.

(Ravelry notes here)

These are for me and I'm told that they likely won't last very long since there's no nylon in them. Maybe I'll stick them in a drawer and save them for when it gets cold - I wear socks to bed in the winter. That should save them from too much wear.

The images in this post, I'm afraid, look terrible. I overcompensated for the overcast skies with a too slow shutter speed. Blame my laziness and attempts to hide the horses from prying eyes for me not reshooting.


  1. Love the socks. And the horses. And the yarn. (Okay, I just love this whole post...) xo

  2. i love the 'pair' I think that is a dang good idea, I am thinking of starting some sock knitting this year and it would surely stop one getting bored knitting the 2nd one, and also stop the fit when one of the precious mama knitted socks is lost :-) love it!

  3. You might be surprised how long they will last. I think it depends on how hard you are on socks. My husband is so terrible I've limited my sock knitting to only trekking. He blows through anything else. Me-I have my original pair without a hole!!!

  4. That's an awesome haul for such a low price! Your unicorns are looking fab and your socks are PERFECT. I really, really, really love that you are a champion of mismatching.

  5. I think your socks are great Melissa! You should wear them and just enjoy them.
    Love seeing all the horses, I should knit one for Emerson, she loves horses too.

  6. eek! great socks (hilarious!!)