Friday, March 8, 2013

Hoodie and pegs

First of all, I want to thank everyone that read and/or commented yesterday on my homeschooling rant. The comments, emails, phone calls, Ravelry messages - they all mean more to me than I can possibly tell you. With your wonderful support, I feel more equipped to handle things today. So thank you. All of you.

On a lighter note, I finished the Beast's hoodie.

(Ravelry notes here.)

I added the wonderful buttons today. If you're in the market for super light wooden buttons at an incredible price (and from sincerely nice people), you should check out WearHouse Industries.

The peg doll muse has visited me in the last day or so. I joined another amazing swap (you still have time to sign up!) and worried that I wouldn't be able to create something amazing. And then, fiddling with some yarn and a few DPNs, I came up with these:

They're a bit like my wolf-kin from the first peg doll swap I participated in. What can I say, I have this thing for adding animal ears and tails (especially tails) to humanoid figures. I brought myself up on fantasy novels and anime. I suppose it shows.

Joining up with Linda for Creative Friday.

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  1. So cute! Hope we're paired! Mine are winged and are taking so much time...but they're so beautiful, it'll be hard to part with them! :)

    Have a great weekend.