Monday, April 1, 2013


Last Monday the Imp came to me, dressed like this:

Imp: Who do I look like?
Me: uhm.. I don't know, who do you look like?
Imp: Knitting guy! (note the sheer number of handmade items the kid is wearing. I think his mother may have a bit of a problem *ahem*)

He was quickly joined by the Beast and we had a photo session of super hero poses. I'll spare you.

A while ago I bought myself some of the metal fixed circular needles from KnitPicks in US size zero to use for sock knitting (purple cable, silver needles). May I take a moment here to tell you how frustrating they were to use? They aren't very pointy, they don't really taper at all, the cable isn't very bendy. Ugh. Fast forward to last Friday. I was knitting with the lovely ladies at Really Knit Stuff and I decided to take a look at the needles in the shop. I came home with Addi lace needles in the same size (gold cable and needles). Can you see the difference? My goodness they're a dream to use! I highly recommend them (I usually use what I have and deal with it - but these are worth the extra purchase).

I saw this bunny here and knew that I had to make one. (Ravelry details here)

Which quickly led to a cat. With plans for a dog, bear, mouse, Totoro, and more. (Ravelry details here)


  1. Knitting Guy rocks!!!! And so do Addis (I have one pair), and gorgeous hand-crafted mice and cats! Seriously, your creations are FULL of charming character.

  2. Ah, those round little guys are perfect for patterning a totoro! While on the subject of totoros, the chibi totoro you made for us a few years ago came out to play the other night, and so I sent fond thoughts your way...

    p.s. yeah, knitting guy... super cute!

  3. you have to have god needles that is for sure. the little critters at the bottom are so cute. and you seem to be one lucky mama, having a super hero in the house.

  4. check out the chaiagoo needles they are super pointy and wonderful. Not sure I spelled that correctly. I love knitting guy :)