Thursday, April 4, 2013

Late Yarn Along

Okay, I'm a day late. But I think I'll link up with the folks over at the Yarn Along anyway.

I've been knitting socks for the toddlers. However! On the needles are two socks for bigger people. The orange is a "mystery knit along" for a Ravelry sock group that I don't belong to. Wow. That makes me sound like a stalker. Regardless this is the pattern. They've only released one "clue" which I finished in an evening. I'm using smaller needles so it won't fit me (not that it would have anyway). It may fit the Elf, though. And he's happy about that. The grey sock is for B, using this pattern. Again, I'm using smaller needles. But they have multiple sizes so I just picked the one that mostly works math-wise.

Reading: I got these two books from the library. One is for a read along thing on the Cold Antler blog and the other I came across while getting lessons (about the crusades) set up for the Elf. I really enjoyed Stephen Lawhead's Robin Hood books (Hood, Scarlet, and Tuck) so I'm more than happy to give these a try.

Close up of the "mystery" sock. I *had* to knit this one because it's based on a series of books that I loved when I was younger. I did mess up one of the cables (on both sides of the sock) because I *assumed* the directions would mirror a previous cable - that'll teach me, right?


  1. you really are in sock mode aren't you! love that pumpkiny orange you're working with :)

  2. I'm a day late over on Yarn Along too! We must be reading too much! I wish I could knit socks...I'll have to try soon.

  3. Nice socks in the making. The orange one has me intrigued. I've not knit a mystery before maybe I should have a look?
    Enjoy your books.