Friday, April 12, 2013

Why I love being an adult.

This is what I do at night after the boys go to bed: when we don't have to be role models and can unwind.

In front of me is my lovely wheel, Dervish, and B's video game (Fallout 3).

To my left, Pilot.

To my right, Ramses. Calcifer, whose back you can see on the table, later joined me in my chair. I don't believe in "proper spinning posture." I believe in comfy.

Also, I finished B's Vinnland sock. Ravelry details here. This is on my foot, though. My feet are larger than his, believe it or not.


  1. Wow...that sock looks like a labour of love!! Gorgeous work!! I have yet to learn to spin but feel inspired every day. If only I had the time...someday!

  2. Okay, that sock is WOW! And how dreamy it would be to spin one's own yarn! I believe in comfy too, until comfy backfires and ends up in a visit to the chiropractor. But that's just me showing my age.

  3. that sock is gorgeous, can't wait to see what you're spinning x x

  4. So jealous of your spinning wheel. I want one... xo

    1. The Ashford Kiwi was my choice because it wasn't terribly expensive. There are some that are made of PVC pipe and wheelchair/bicycle wheels that are pretty inexpensive, too. Mine was just under $400 I think. I bought it unfinished (and rubbed homemade beeswax oil into it before assembling). There's a new Kiwi 2 or something, so maybe the original will be cheaper?