Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yarn Along and the latest addition!

Joining up with Ginny today for the Yarn Along.

I'm still working on those longies. They've taken a back seat to all the other crafting that I've been doing. I am really loving the way the colors are working together, though. As for reading, B and the Elf finished Howl's Moving Castle so now we've moved on to the second book: Castle in the Air.

And now! My glorious new spinning wheel!

Yes, you should be glad I didn't also take pictures of our UPS guy carrying the box down our driveway. And don't think it didn't cross my mind!

It came with a "free gift with purchase" option. I chose these: 8oz of fiber, spinning wheel oil..

and a niddy noddy! The Beast is especially excited about this one, apparently.

The excitement was too much. The Beast took a nap while the Imp, Elf, and I unpacked the pieces. Here they are wrapped and unfinished.

And here they are all nice and polished with my homemade beeswax polish. Obviously the wooden car didn't come with it though it does seem quite happy among the pieces. By this point, the Elf was already in bed and the Imp was headed that way.

Let me say this, the directions that came with my Kiwi were.. subjective at times. It also didn't help to have a nearly two-year-old "helping" and sitting in my lap. I will admit that I had to take apart several pieces in the end because I'd put them together wrong.

The Beast was the first to use my new wheel. He got the hang of it extremely quickly - and only pinched a finger once. Of course, now I can't keep the toddlers off of it.

And here's my first yarn on the Kiwi! I was "helped" by little hands a lot with this one. The fiber was also more suited to felting (which is what I originally bought it for) than spinning. But it's good enough for me to practice on, I think!

I'm still kicking around a few names - yes, I'm going to name my wheel. I am, indeed, that crazy.
There's still time to enter to win a crochet mason jar cozy! I'll pick a winner tonight!


  1. Oh I am so excited for you! I have and old spinning wheel I bought at an antiques market that has "received attention" shall we say. I love it and am eagerly waiting for my roving I ordered from etsy. It is my new favourite craft for sure, and my boys always want to spin it (being old, though, it is rather finicky and the band always falls off when they spin it, so they are only allowed to "help" me rather than just spin it). Have fun, enjoy, I am sure you will love it.

  2. Nothing like getting a spinning wheel in the mail.
    Too cute with the baby napping and the spinning wheel parts.
    Have fun spinning!

  3. She's here!!!!
    Oh Melissa, how wonderful and I love seeing your helpers! I am very impressed that you put it together all on your own, I would have been totally lost! Now I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful yarns you turn out! :)

  4. my wheel is named blythe ;-)

    and congrats to you...such a fun purchase!

  5. Congrats on your new addition :) I love watching others learn a craft!! I bet you will be spinning like mad now.

  6. Yay, your spinning wheel!!! Im wanting to get one for my birthday in June and this is the one ive been looking at so ill be checking back to see how your liking it. Happy spinning:)

  7. oh wow! total envy here! how awesome is that, a spinning wheel??!!! congrats, have fun!!

  8. ummm... what's a niddy-noddy? (maybe that's a good name for your wheel?)

    mazel tov!

  9. oh how exciting!! i'm so impressed with your polishing and putting together. i wish i could watch (or help) with it all. and i hope you find a good name soon!