Monday, April 2, 2012


Oh the weekend. What a crazy place it has been.

I finished spinning the blue roving - it actually looks like yarn! And feels kind of like Malabrigo. Not sure what in the world I'll use it for - 25 yards (give or take) of worsted merino yarn in bright blue.

So I'm obsessed with the idea of spinning. I have been for a very long time. I dream about it, I talk about it, read about it, watch videos about it. B finally caved and bought me a spinning wheel! We ordered it yesterday. Very soon this will live at our house! I'm so very excited!

In other consumer news, a lovely box of wooly goodness is on it's way to my house today! It was so funny. I mentioned to the Elf that a box of yarn was coming for me today. Intrigued he asks, "What color is it?" Imagine his face when I tell him that I have no idea. Yes. Priceless. If he didn't think I was crazy before (unlikely), he certainly does now.

(The box arrived! Check out my loot!)

Friday I made syrups. It feels like summer here already. I think Spring was a dream (okay, it hasn't hit 97 degrees yet, but still). So it felt like soda weather. The mint-tarragon syrup is long gone. Yum! Today I'm savoring some delicious lavender soda. I'll need to put some more cans of seltzer water into the fridge. The best thing about this soda (besides knowing the contents and not feeling bad about any of them, of course) is that no one else cares for it much. That makes it mine! All mine!

Sunday we met up with B's father (whom we hadn't seen in six or seven years). It was less awkward than I feared. The Imp seemed quite taken with him - jabbering on and even letting him carry him through the woods.

I'm on the second leg of the longies I posted on Wednesday. I'm still not sure how I want to do the pockets but the Imp is super excited about them. I'm hoping to finish them today. You know, it case the big box o' wool inspires something I have to make right away!


  1. I had to pop out and back in again to go and drool over you new wheel. She is beautiful! Just beautiful!
    Would you mind sharing how you make lavender soda? I think that is something I could become totally addicted to [and something I don't think my guys would drink. I know that sounds selfish, but they eat and drink everything]!

  2. Lucky you to nab that de-stash box! And the spinning wheel is so pretty, I want to give it a little kiss. Is it really being shipped from Solvang? Solvang is a funny place... the best thing about it (besides the fact that your spinning wheel is being shipped from there) is that there is a nifty independent bookstore, and upstairs is a funny little Hans Christian Andersen museum )


  3. I love all the yarn in the photo!! I bet you have so many ideas swirling in your head you do not know what to start first!!!