Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week and -ending!

Yes. I am still alive. With much computer switch-a-roo-ing, the script that allows me to dump pictures from my camera to my laptop was injured. Now, it is fixed. So I have, not only a "weekending" to share, but a "weeking" as well. Er. Something.

There are many things that I don't have pictures of. Like the elephant I'm working on for Emily. I messed up one of his legs, but attached it anyway. His head isn't stuffed enough. He's missing an arm. But the Beast loves on him anyway.

Speaking of the Beast. Today is his birthday. Oddly, the Elf and I spent much time talking about the births of all the boys. Weird. But.. nice, too. Speaking of the Elf! He's learning to crochet! He finally gets it! We have half of a pokeball each and will finish it up tomorrow. He's so pleased with himself. It's amazing.

And now to the pictures!

These have been done for a while, worn more than a few times, and washed at least twice. Yeah, I'm behind on blogging.

This was my yarn along post that never made it up. I'm further on the cardigan now. And finished the book (which I'd read before). But I've also finished the second book and am now on the third.

I ordered fiber. Glorious fiber. Now if only I could get my left foot and leg to stop cramping with charley horses when I spin..

I spun the last of my Mountain Colors BFL in the "firestorm" colorway. And then I used it to make a horse for the Beast.

I love Linda's patterns. Next up is a black winged horse for the Imp.

And a not-so-much-a-surprise-once-she-reads-this doll for a friend. I'm good at taking hints, even when they aren't really hints. Basically, tell me you like something that I'm capable of making and on a good day (or mediocre - or possibly even a bad one) I'll totally jump on the chance to make you smile. It's what I do. I like it. Getting to the post office, however, is not so much my specialty.

Oh! And I did end up ordering from The Bulk Herb Store. Thank you everyone who gave me your two cents. The herbs arrived quickly and are already being enjoyed. In fact, I've already placed another order with them - because I'm crazy like that.


  1. happy birthday to the beast! that's good news you were able to get your computer issues sorted, i like all your photos, but especially all your knitting! and spinning! i've thought a lot about you with your new wheel, it's so exciting.

  2. I love birthdays..happy birthday to your little man. All your fiber creations look wonderful. Now what is the about cramping when you spin? That just needs to stop so you can spin away! Tonic water helps with legs, all it takes is 1/2 a day. ;)

  3. That should read 1/2 a cup a day.

  4. Happy birthday to your little guy! I hate when computer things are broken. Glad yours is fixed!

  5. Oh, haha! You're so funny! (and I guess I really owe you a coffee cup cosy now...)

    I already wished him a happy one, but I send best wishes again to your wee boy for a very glorious third year, and many many more!

  6. you know calf cramping can be a magnesium deficiency. so maybe some mg/ca?

    happy birthday to your little guy!