Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of Crafting on and a giveaway!

Okay. I have several things to share today - one of which is a giveaway! Stay tuned!

First up is the Forest Nymph capelet that I've been working on for a friend's birthday (though it will be late. grrr).

(Ravelry notes here.)

I have the body done and am now working on the collar. This Friday I'll be blocking it with the help of the lovely Paula from Really Knit Stuff (that's where I go to knit on Friday nights).

This is the look I get from the Elf when I stand on chairs to photograph knitting projects. He was shocked that my head didn't touch the ceiling. Clearly the practical application of simple math in our house isn't working.

On the needles as well is a bracelet for myself. It's done in a slightly tweaked version of the collar pattern for the Nymph capelet. I'd wanted to make a headband but it's too narrow, so bracelet it is! Finally a use for my *huge* Malabrigo Rasta! I'm thinking a similarly textured coffee sleeve is next.

And now. The unveiling!

Here's my first Waldorf doll in all of it's glory. The pants are doll longies that I knit quite a while ago (I've been plugging away on that capelet and was looking for a shortcut). The top is crocheted using this pattern as a guide. The Elf tells me that it needs shoes, and therefore socks. We'll see.

Okay. So! The giveaway! Because I love you guys and because I honestly cannot say enough great things about the pattern I used for the doll.. I bought an extra copy of the pattern to share with you (it's digital, and yes I got permission for this)!

For your perusing and ogling pleasure, visit Adirondack Patterns and check out their great patterns! I seem to have bought the last copy (I'm sure another will be up soon), so you'll have to check the sold items. But the prize is the "Simple complete Waldorf doll pattern and tutorial." It includes an amazing tutorial with oodles of pictures and tips as well as pdf files for the actual pattern. I will email the pdfs, the link to the tutorial, and the password to access it to the winner.

How do you become the winner? Leave a comment here before midnight (eastern time, but I'm lenient) Friday the 24th. I'll use some form of random picking (number generator, names in a hat, who knows) and post the winner on Saturday (hopefully, along with pictures of the blocked capelet!). Good luck! But if you don't win, the pattern is so reasonably priced, hop on over and pick one up!


  1. Your capelet is just stunning!
    Congratulations on making a doll, she looks so sweet and thanks for the giveawa!y

  2. Your doll turned out fantastic. Thanks for a chance at a give-away...but what I am drooling over is your leaf pattern knitting. I am off to your link to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aw your knitting projects are amazing! You have a lot of talent mama! I also get weird crazy eyes, when I stand on chairs and tables and such when taking pictures ;P

    Don't worry about entering me in the giveaway (I make Waldorf Dolls for a living) but the doll you made is absolutely amazing! His hair is super sweet and you can tell it took a lot of thought and effort on your part.

    Blessings mama!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

  4. Beautiful profjects!! The doll turned out great! I can't believe that's your first one. I'm trying to build up the courage to make one for my daughter's first birthday. It just seems so difficult...and I get so emotionally invested in my crafting! lol

  5. I love the crazy hair on your doll! (and that pattern looks amazing!) Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  6. hooray !
    your doll is tops. i would love to make another, thank you for the giveaway!
    my my my, the capelet looks terribly involved...little leaves. i love the colour.
    happy knitting friend !

    love angela x


    He's fabulous! And I'd never in a million years guess that was your first one.

  8. love the hair !! He looks like a crazy boy ! Great giveaway...

  9. I know of the perfect home for that fun guy--he is so cute and will have lotsa fun with my granddaughter. Thanks for your talent and your generosity and now I am crossing my fingers really tight :D

  10. The doll looks great! And I love the bracelet...I have a smidge of leftover handspun alpaca in depp purple that may need to find its way on to my wrist:)

  11. What a great pattern! I love that you can use preemie clothes (I would be making this for my daughter's first birthday, and it would be so sweet to dress her baby in her own preemie outfits).

  12. totally cool pattern! would Love to win!


  13. Wow, thanks for the opportunity - what a lovely doll this is and her hair is just gorgeous. Terrific pattern.

  14. Such a beautiful capelet!!! I have been wanting to dive into making a doll—Thank you for the opportunity! : )

  15. ooh, lovely! The doll came out beautifully! Thanks for the op.

  16. looks fabulous! congrats on your first doll, it's beautiful. glad to discover your blog.