Friday, February 24, 2012

The last 24 hours

This is what I do when my kids are making me crazy.

I tear sheets into "yarn" and ghetto-block capelets. The following pictures are terrible. Okay, no. My husband took the photos and they are fine. It's the subject - the person in said photographs. I have this thing.. I don't like her very much. I never have. But I'm trying to get over that and accept her for who she is - tattered pajamas and all.

(The hand on the belly is not a hint. I am not pregnant. I do, however, have many holes in my shirt. Pale, pale skin is very noticable in holey black shirts.)

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  1. It's stunning and so are you! I don't know why we are always so hard on ourselves, I know, because I am the same way with myself. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just be happy with who we are? I'm working on it and I'm glad to hear you are too.
    Can you explain about turning sheets into yarn? Is this for a rug? I have seen that done and actually have a few sheets here that I could strip right now.

    1. That is precisely what I'm doing - making a rug. I took a king fitted sheet (that has been slept on for 9+ years, tie-dyed, ripped, and loved) and cut off the elastic. My boys had a great time running all over the house with it. Anyway, then I cut it into strips around until I got past the corner seams. After that I did the zig-zag thing - cut until an inch before the edge, skip up and cut back the other way. I happily discovered that the sheets ripped into wonderful straight lines, so I did little cutting.

      I don't have a crochet hook large enough for what I intend to do, so I'm using my fingers. B and the Elf think I'm crazy. I prefer to call it thirfty. (:

      Anyway, I hope that made sense!

  2. Dear Melissa...Ahhhh, how do so many of us relate to what you write about yourself?! But what I want to mention is that your capelet is GORGEOUS FABULOUS STUNNING!!! Did I mention it is really great?
    xo Jules

  3. You did a stunning job on the cape! And you are lovely in it :)

  4. Ditto the gorgeous capelet! (And the subject is fine too! I have to smile, as I answered the door the other morning while still in my pjs and put my hand on my tum for no real reason. The lady at the door asked if I was expecting. I said no, I'd recently had a baby and I guessed I was still just self-conscious. She said not to worry, you lose it all in 2-4 months, at which point I decided to let her think my teething, sitting-up, babbling 9 month old was just very very advanced!)

  5. Its stunning! You are so very talented.

  6. Lovely! And just remember pale skin is great because we won't have early wrinkles!