Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crafting On - a day late.

Yarn Along to follow. I'm running seriously behind here. I was much too tired yesterday to ever get around to posting. So here I am, a day late. Happily the Beast went to bed by 11pm (and was up by 8am. ugh.) so I'm feeling a bit more rested.

Yesterday (and Monday, for that matter) was full of craft-fail. Cat ears were too small, too far forward, and looked funny in orange. Ran out of yarn for the back half of a doll shirt. Decided to try sewing clothes, realized I don't have any elastic. Made pants that were way too tight for said doll. Temporarily broke the sewing machine trying to sew some more diaper wipes (because how could I screw up squares, right?).

The day got moderately better after that. I've cut out and have (mostly) sewn clothes that I think will fit the doll. A trip to the store scored me some elastic (and thread, pipe cleaners, giant crochet hook, crayons). Today I will sew. I will not fail. I will not fail. I will not fail. (saying that three times, and in a public place at that, makes it true... right?)

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  1. I hope your day was better and things went as planned.