Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along!

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First, what I'm currently working on:

Longies! I'm enjoying the color combination immensely. I'm not crazy about having two balls of yarn attached to my work all the time, though. I'm rereading more urban fantasy: The Blood Books Volume 1 by Tanya Huff.

And now! The recently finished items. Whee!

What's that? Longies? Who'd have thought? These are toddler sized and a lovely muted orange. They're headed for my Etsy shop when I get around to writing up the description. (Rav notes here)

A heart dish/washcloth. This is for a swap I'm doing. It's only one part, though. (Rav notes here)

Oh man. Lots of stuff here. We have seven critters (raccoon, fox, mouse, otter, squirrel, hare, hedgehog), three acorns, and two mushrooms. The raccoon wasn't part of the pattern set. I used someone else's as a base and cobbled together my own. My lighting sucks, but there you go. (Rav notes: critters, large acorn, small acorns, mushrooms)


  1. All of your projects are lovely but the critters are so nifty!!! They are too cute.

  2. Those critters are soooo adorable. And I like the pants too.

  3. Fabulous knitting, I love all your sweet little creatures!

  4. The critters are sooo cute!!

  5. i dig the creatures too. how cute are those?!


  6. Yep, I agree... those critters are crazy-cute!

  7. I love the longies, the orange looks great! But I'm nearly fainting because of those freaking cute! And the mushroom? Fantastic =)