Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Probably Not Yarn Alonging.

Sickness has struck our house. Last weekend B lost his voice and felt like crap. He's mostly back to normal but with a sore throat and a spot of coughing.

Monday I really started to feel badly (we'll not speak of the weird heartburn I've had two days in a row). It just keeps getting worse.

This morning we were awoken to the Elf frantically exclaiming that he felt like throwing up. Shortly after, the Imp woke with a fever. The Elf has, indeed, emptied his stomach several times. They both have fevers.

The Beast is a bit warm, but otherwise fine (ignoring that he slept several hours later than usual).

So, yes. I seriously doubt I will get around to taking pictures for this week's Yarn Along. I have unashamedly declared today a cartoon watching, video game playing day.


  1. Oh dear, I do hope everyone is better very very soon!

  2. Those are neccessary from time to time (thinking I should have declared one myself today). I hope this boust of sickies clears up soon.