Monday, August 8, 2011


Saturday I did very little except run errands. It was insane. I got up early, finished up some striped longies, ate breakfast, and then the craziness began.

First I took the oldest to the library and yarn store (to buy yarn for Sunday's antics). Within an hour I took the Imp to the grocery store. Came home, ate dinner, took the Beast out to buy cat food. Yes. Three trips out, each with a different child - in descending order of age. Oy.

That night I started on a hat for a friend's mother.

Sunday, aside from washing dishes, doing laundry, and making laundry soap, all I did was knit. Seriously. It was crazy.

(Rav notes here)

The hat is actually nicer looking when not on a balloon blown up so big. But it was the easiest way to photograph it. Today I'll be starting a test knit for a dog doll and when the Elf is otherwise occupied, I'll be working on his birthday gift.


  1. My, what a busy wkend you had! I really like the hat, especially love that orange.

  2. I love the current knits, most especially the striped longies!

  3. I love the longies and hope it gets cold enough here so that I can cast on a pair! Oh, and the hat is great, especially the color [my favorite]. xx

  4. I did not notice it was a balloon until I read the last paragraph! Both projects came out perfectly.

  5. i love those stripey longies. Sunday sounds like the funner day of the two:)

  6. I love the knits. The fabulour longies are of special interest to me, as I've purchased some yarn in similar colours that I plan to knit into a striped dress for my youngest. I can see that I have chosen my colours well! And I LOVE the hat. Very funky!