Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not dead yet.

Just sick. A strange and twisting cold/flu/stomach/thing that has laid everyone (except the Beast!) low. The two older boys were sick for less than two days. Poor B has been miserable for almost two weeks. I've been sick for about a week. I'd really like to go through just one night without a coughing fit. Please?

So while my brain has been foggy my fingers have still been quite busy. I've amassed a lovely list of things to make for people - most of whom are likely not expecting it. Squee! This is happiness. I lovelovelove making things for people.

Here's a peek at some of the things I've finished recently:

There are no decent crochet patterns out there for swords (haven't really found any knit ones I like, either but I thought crochet would be more.. firm? stable?). So I made one up. It looks nice. But is sadly.. floppy. I'd intended it as a birthday gift for the Imp but was so convinced that he'd hate it that I gave it to him right away. So of course he loves it.

This is also for the Imp. I've managed to keep it for his birthday, though. Because I'm hiding it, it is extremely difficult to take pictures. I'm stuck with explosive morning light or the absence of light at night. But you get the idea.

The pattern for this had much bigger ears. I shortened them for looks... and because I was about to run out of yarn and still had the tail and nose to make!

Check out this crowd! The knights are so much fun. The book (Creepy, Cute Crochet) doesn't have anything very girly in it (which I'm okay with) but I felt that a princess needed to be made. I used the body of one of the female dolls in the book and mangled a safety cone pattern I found online for the hat. Overall I'm pleased with her.. though I sort of forgot to put the safety eyes in before sewing the head to the body. And I'm afraid my embroidery is quite bad.


  1. I do hope you all get well soon!
    Your crochet is beautiful! I still have all
    the animals my Nanny and Mom made for me as a child. xx

  2. Feel better soon! I love the sword, my son would have loved it during his "Zelda" days.

  3. Love those knights and the sword great idea which I thought of that for my son when he was younger.
    I hope you are all feeling better soon.

  4. I just love all your makes. I am so inspired :)

  5. Feel better prayers going up! The little toys are darling!

  6. Crafting beautiful things whilst you are ill - I am SO impressed!!!!! The creations are lovely, but really...GET BETTER SOON. :-)

  7. You are seriously making me want to learn crochet! Love that little sword!

  8. I just love all these little toys you're working on!