Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along - Attack of the sweater!

I decided to participate in the Yarn Along I've read about on several blogs. You can be a part, too. Stop by Small Things to read about it.

I think I'm being overambitious. Pictured here: this sweater in Araucania Chaiten (100% silk and all for me!), this shirt in Jojoland Rhythm (superwash wool in camouflage), and a small leaf in dishrag cotton (for a swap). Oh. And the book that I'm reading Chickens in your Backyard by Rick and Gail Luttmann.

The sweater is what I'm working on primarily. The yarn is thinner than what the pattern calls for, so I'm using a larger needle to get gauge. It'll be a breezy summer sweater. Okay, a spring and fall sweater. Summers here are too hot for anything long sleeved. The book is daunting. I'm not sure I'm up for raising chickens - it seems so very complicated. Of course, we aren't planning on chickens for several years anyway. There's time for me to read more and ease into it.

I've also been dyeing yarn. I wanted to post pictures of it but I'm too lazy to slough through the 500+ pictures that I've recently dumped from my camera. I've dyed six hanks of Wool of the Andes Bare (worsted) a pale orange color. I'm hoping to knit the infamous Shalom cardigan. It'll take some finagling since it's sized for a not huge person like me - hence my enormous amount of yarn (which I'll be knitting doubled anyway). So yes. I'm happily drowning in yarn.


  1. Oh please don't let a book put you off from having chickens! They really are pretty easy to raise.
    Your silk yarn is just yummy!

  2. I love that knitted leaf and cant wait to soo the silk sweater finished! Ive never knitted with silk but it sounds so luxurious that I want to give it a try. I agree, chickens are easier then the books make them seem and well worth it with their cute personalities:)

  3. I would love a 100% silk sweater! Right now I am working on a cashmere sweater :)

  4. Oh, I do love that sweater, and I love the yarn you're using! Good for you, making something for yourself! Something I really need to do- I am thinking big tea leaves.

  5. I love that beautiful! I just peeked at the sweater and I love the shape of it. It would also fit me well. Like Melanie, I am planning a tea leaves one of these, er, months. I'd love to know how the book goes as we are planning chickens for the fall. Happy days to you!
    xo Jules

  6. Good luck on the sweater knitting.