Saturday, June 4, 2011

A lot of things.

It has been a very up and down day today. This morning we headed out to town and stopped by a shindig in Midtown where local businesses were peddling their wares with a focus on moms and babies. I'd wanted to stop by because Ecological Babies was going to be there and we are in desperate need of some new diaper covers. Nearly every booth was pink and frilly. Dresses, hair bows. What's a mother of boys to do? My oldest son pointed out a tent full of wooden toys. The name of business sounded familiar. Lo! They have an Etsy shop: Natural Wood Toys. A lot of their items looked familiar - especially a Three Billy Goats Gruff set that I fell in love with (I've been looking for one for ages). Happily, B decided to let us buy it. So now, we're the proud owners of this:

When we got home I checked the Etsy shop. And what do you know, I've had it on my favorites for a while now! The Elf fell in love with a T-Rex figure they have. Unfortunately we didn't have enough cash (or, you know, the budget) to buy it at the shindig. I suspect he'll be getting one for his birthday this year, though. They have the sweetest foxes and manatees. It's great to see some Florida wildlife in there. The shop owners were the nicest people, too. So head over there and give them some love.

And the the downside of today. After knitting on my sweater for nearly two weeks I finally got to the the row below the arms today. I put everything on appropriate waste yarn to try it on. What's that? It's too freaking big! How does that work? I'm not a small person. Turns out my gauge was off. By a quarter of a stitch per inch. Sigh. So yes, it's all been frogged. Nearly six hundred yards of lovely silk yarn is now back into nicely wound balls.

Needless to say, I will not be restarting it just yet. I'm too mad at myself. Instead I'll be focusing on the shirt I started for the boys and working on my Four Seasons Exchange swap.

Right. I also have swap pictures (received) to post. But it's late and the Beast is yanking on my power cord. Perhaps I'll get to it tomorrow!


  1. I HATED doing gauge swatches...I just never saw the point. After knitting a sweater for my husband that ended up looking like it would only fit a person with an extremely short and wide torso, who also happened to have incredibly long arms...well, I always do a swatch. It's tricky. I hate it. Esp. when they suggest you do the swatch, then block it!! I just want to start!! I know how you feel re. setting it aside for now. Knitting is such a funny thing because when you notice something isn't quite right, you've usually been knitting for weeks. You'll find your heart for it again!

  2. Aw rats! I usually have sweaters come out too small-and that is when I have done gauge. A good time out is needed for that project and then you will know what to do, good luck.

  3. oh my that darn gauge! on the bright side, you now have the door open to use the yarn on something else that's just going to be fabulous!

  4. How sad that your sweater doesn't fit:( Ive never done a swatch (always too keen to start knitting!)but so far got lucky with things fitting 'touch wood' Love the wooden toys

  5. Good morning

    Eyeing out that sweater your making...Busy with the Shalom cardigan yarn along and its taking FOREVER. Let me know how your sweater goes as I would love ot knit it next..

    Have a great day

  6. So sorry about about your tragic cardigan... But, ooh, a wooden toy manatee?! I love manatees... saw a pair of them a few years ago when we were stuck in Sarasota, FL for a few weeks (it was the highlight of the trip...)