Monday, June 13, 2011


Joining Amanda today.

This weekend. Wow. Sunday, 5am I woke up to a fever-hot baby next to me. We've been battling his poor temperature since. I know that his fever is doing a service. I know that it's necessary. But I can't make myself let it be so high. I've spent the last 28 or so hours trying to keep my little Beast from cooking himself.

Did we do stuff before 5am Sunday? Yes, it's likely. Though, until typing an entire paragraph after this, I could not recall a single thing. Now, of course, I can. Friday we went in search of tea cups and saucers to make these. Saturday was another trip out to score a long handled spoon from a Goodwill across town. I had plans to go to a hardware store and nursery Sunday, but it fell by the wayside. I've cleaned the kitchen at least three times, made delightful Indian food, washed my brand new batch of diapers, made the yummiest mint-tarragon soda, and nearly finished reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris.

The weekend could have been better. It could have been loads worse. Mostly I just want my little Beast to feel better.


  1. Love Indian food and Charlaine Harris. Hope your wee one is feeling better as it's hard when they don't.

  2. sick babes are no fun! i hope he's feeling better soon.

    indian food sounds so very good. and those are cute diapers - curious to know how you like them after you've used them a bit!

  3. Oh I do hope the baby feels better too!! The tea cup project is adorable!!

  4. they're so incredibly snuggly when they have a fever! and it can be shocking how hot they get... I like the diaper site, i think i'll buy some shorties since i can't knit (yet).
    I am in the one hook wonder swap too! can't wait to get the package. once Canada's postal strike is over...

  5. Awww. I hope by time I'm typing this your babe has fully recovered!
    Btw, those tea cup bird feeders are super duper cute! :)

  6. I hope your little one is finally feeling better. My own littlest has been sick for days now. :-( We're all pretty miserable as a result.