Friday, June 25, 2010

Blergh. I cannot, for the life of me, manage to make a sheep that looks decent. For now, I give up. Perhaps in time I'll try again.

I tried to base it on a kit I found on Etsy (big surprise there, right?) but it appears that I'm just destined to fail. The face is too small, the ears are crooked, the tail is pathetic, the body uneven and not round enough. Oh well.

At least I got to use some of the brown wool that I'd purchased for my tree stump. It's luxuriously soft - much softer than I expected. And the Imp seems to like the sheep, even if it does look.. well.. sort of like a dog, really.

Not sure what I'll move on to next. I need to try and make a monkey, I know. And I ought to work on that tree stump. Oh. And my younger niece wants a mushroom house for her birthday (in a couple weeks! eek!). Not to mention the really great book I'm reading (that will actually get reviewed, too!). I also want to try wet felting with the Elf some time. There's a great tutorial here that I want to try out as soon as we acquire some bubble wrap. So many things to do!


  1. I have always found that what you make you are meant to make, sometimes I make things and they look not quiet as I would like them. cheers Marie

  2. I think he's very cute!


  3. Thanks, Lisa! I've been accused of being too hard on myself. It's hard not to see all these amazing artists and find myself lacking. But I have to start somewhere, right? And confidence may come with time. (:

  4. ah, i think he's cute! ;) i have made a lot of sheep as that is one of the first things that i learned and have thought of doing a tutorial....

    yes, i put the wool on the smooth side of the bubble wrap, with the bubbles facing out. otherwise, you get the bubble imprint. ;)

    we just used bubble wrap because it is what we had available. i have used bamboo sushi mats for smaller ones. any other ideas of what you could improvise with?

    thanks for visiting and asking such a great question! i knew i'd leave some important details out.

  5. momma rae: I tried looking at the instructions in the book Wool Pets, but I'm just incapable of following directions. (: Part of my problem is that the only white wool I have is meant for doll stuffing - none of the long fiber or curly stuff.

    As for the wet felting, we're going to have to improvise with something - just not sure what. We don't have any bubble wrap large enough. Maybe some day I can find a bamboo table runner on sale somewhere. Until then, I'll have to come up with something else. I'll let you know if I find anything that works. (:

  6. Oh no, it's absolutely adorable!!!