Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Needle felting - Part three

The Beast let me put him down! My hands are free! Though I really ought to wake the Imp. He's just so adorable snuggled on the couch. Due to the unusual quiet, I thought I'd try to wrap up my recently-made-needle-felt-creations posts.

A friend of mine expressed an interest in having a needle felted sheep (she also mentioned a monkey, but I haven't gotten there yet). How could I resist trying?

You can say it (she did) - it looks like an exceptionally fluffy polar bear. Well, it does. And that's what comes from using the same techniques and base ideas for two very different animals. You live, you learn, right?

I have another sheep in the works. My hopes are high that it will look.. well.. like a sheep! In the meantime, the Beast was in need of a mobile. When the Imp was a baby I rigged a mobile out of scraps of paper (colored with contrasting patterns), an old record case/envelope/thing, and some string. It was sad. But he loved it. I couldn't bring myself to be so sloppy this time.

Based on (you guessed it) a mobile I found on Etsy, I decided to make little felt squares with needle felted contrasting patterns. The Elf helped me sew them up before I stuffed them. I'd wanted a better way to connect them to the ceiling, but with the urging of my husband to *just finish it so he can enjoy it!* I rigged it all up to a piece of cardboard with hemp cord. Needless to say, the Beast loves it. He'll lay and coo and giggle at it. This, of course, makes it all worth it.

Thus concludes the backlog of things I've needle felted. Whee!

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