Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last reminder

Just thought I'd throw this out there again. This morning is the official start of Extra Life. It's like the classic walking for a cause, only we're gaming for a cause. It's amazing how the community of gamers has come together in the past to raise money for children's hospitals and I'm honored to be a (very tiny) part of it.

I'm battling computer issues (Archeage, in particular doesn't seem to be functional for me and we can't figure out why) but I intend to game through the day regardless. I'll be playing Trove and maybe Rift (if they've fixed Faeblight) with some Knights of Pen and Paper thrown in. It's also not out of the question that the kids and I will play some Wildcraft. If you're inclined to donate, you can do so at the main page or on my donation page. I'll stream if I can get things working on my computer, but I make no promises at this point.

It's all for the kids. And they're worth it. (even if my own got me out of bed much earlier than I'd like)

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