Sunday, June 2, 2013


My cranky old man thinks he's a box of food, apparently. He spent more than half an hour sitting there.

My dye experiment (inspired by this). I used Jacquard acid dyes in not-quite-primary colors. It's an imperfect experiment but it gives me a good idea of how to get certain colors.

Spinning! Yay! I've been spinning like.. a dervish.

This was a lace/cobweb that I chain plied. I think it's gorgeous.

My Black Cat batt. The locks I used were crap. My step mother gave me an ancient package of locks meant for doll hair or crafting or something. But it's what I had. I managed to get a few tips to show through. If (and that's a big if) I list it in my Etsy shop it'll go under a new heading "Handpun Yarn - Experiments" and be deeply discounted.

Another experiment. This was my Master Chief batt. I spun it up all crazy and then coil/plied around an unknown golden fiber (some people think it might be linen, others think it may just be acrylic). It's crazy. I still have half of the yarn left over (not coiled). My core yarn kept falling apart or getting terribly overspun. How do people deal with that? Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

Not sure what I'll do with the rest of my Sunday. Finish carding my Promethean batt maybe. Or spin the gorgeous art batt that B bought me. Whatever it is, I expect it'll be woolly.


  1. Love all the experimentation going on. I want to try the dye experiment. Looks fun and educational!

  2. lol at the cranky old man in your cupboard! pretty much every time I open a cupboard my cat appears out of no where and must go in and investigate. The dye experiment looks great. Good learning and so pretty:)I'm inspired by the cool yarns you make. I just spin whatever ply without knowing what i'm doing at all but one day ill branch out and make something interesting

  3. Your yarn is just beautiful Melissa.

  4. Loving all that fibre and yarn! Your cat is fab - I miss mine...

  5. Wow! Lovely spun yarn! Super coils are my fav!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful work! Sorry about my blog/following option.... don't know what the deal is, other than I bought a custom domain....? Thanks for the heads up mama! And keep up the creative work of yours!!!