Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tdf13 day 2

Last night I ended up spinning more. "Long Hair Loki" and "The Dark World" by Things Liz Makes and and unnamed bit of top by All for Love of Yarn.

Today I've spun "Hexadecimal" by Llady Llama Fiber Co., "The End of Rorschach" by Luthvarian Fiber Arts, "Psychedelic Powers" by Alma Park Alpacas,"Hero 2" by Shades of Light, "Regina" by Kitty Mine Crafts, "The Doctor" by Inglenook Fibers, and "Wonder Woman" by Six Fingered Kitty.

We finally got Mama Cat and her three kittens into the house today. They're scared but contained. In the next day or two we'll get them to the vet. Mama may need to be a spay-and-release. She's *really* not thrilled about being inside.

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