Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday + Wool

This was Friday for my youngest:

With everything I've done since then, I feel like taking a nap, too. Here's what I've been up to:

I spun this from a gorgeous batt by Hobbledehoy. I have honestly never enjoyed my wheel as much as I did while spinning this. It was nothing less than perfection.

"Cable" plying. So. Much. Work. Never again.

Corriedale rainbow.

Superwash BFL Princess.

Superwash BFL Hawk.

Polwarth Flame.

I've added all of these (minus the first yarn - that one's mine!) to my Etsy Shop.


  1. that yarn spun from the hobbledehoy batt... so gorgeous!!!


  2. Okay. So for a beginner spinner, what do I do with a bat? I order it from you, and then what?? Do I have to card it? Turn it into rolags? Or is it all ready for me to just spin up on my drop spindle? I LOVE that first's represents everything I adore about wool/fibre. ENDLESS possibilities for colour/texture. Just wonderful. Thanks for answering all my spinning questions! Off to check out your shop! :)

  3. I got so excited about all that woolly goodness that I forgot to mention: the photo of your son made me laugh out loud. Imagine being able to just fall asleep in the weirdest places/positions! Delightful.

  4. You know I have yarn envy but your little one sleeping in that position is adorable!!

  5. Love your spinning! I'm a newbie to spinning!

  6. Wow, such beautiful colours. That sleeping position is wonderful!