Friday, February 8, 2013

Creative Friday

Or should we say Peg Doll Friday? We've been much inspired by Margaret's new book! Look for my post in her blog tour on the 18th!

While I was doing this:

The Beast was doing this:

When he finished, the Imp took over and painted everything he could get his hands on.

I've already set up my first "I will have chickens, dammit!" order of peg dolls! So excited! What's even better is that it's a recurring customer who is always great to work with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some of the gnomes I worked on today photographed and listed in the shop.

Would you believe I've hardly touched my knitting needles? I even took gnome hats to "late night knitting" tonight to sew.

Linking up with Linda for Creative Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Not even a knitted-gnome-cap in sight? Because those are pretty darn groovy!

    Hurrah for the photos of your beast painting peg dolls. My own wee beastie painted his first peg doll three weeks ago :-)