Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Tour!

Today I have the honor of sharing an amazing book written by a lovely and talented woman: Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom!

My boys and I have been the lucky recipients of more than a few peg dolls made by Margaret in the past. Upon receiving a copy of Making Peg Dolls my youngest two boys immediately set off to match their peg dolls to the ones in the photographs. It continues to be a game they indulge in from time to time. My oldest son, the Elf, has placed bookmarks for all the projects he wants to make (and let me assure you, there are a lot of bookmarks in there). For the purpose of this post he chose to make a cat from the Halloween project. We're cat lovers, what can I say?

He couldn't stop at just one, though. He immediately dove into making the knight as well. While sewing he began to tell me all of the ways he would adapt the patterns to be other things (woodsman turned Robin Hood, for example). All the while our Imp stood near him inquiring "is it done? Can I play with the cat yet?"

Peg dolls are an amazing doorway to imagination - and not just for kids! Our collection of gnomes and other peg dolls have wide and varied adventures. They farm, rescue princesses, fight super villains, wait tables, run shops. I've seen more creative play with these small bits of wood and wool than I have with any other toys during the past ten years of being a mother. My boys, even the younger two, often remark that their handmade toys are more fun. Or more durable. Or the only toys not broken in the house.

Whether this is your first introduction to peg dolls or just another step a life-long love of them, Margaret's new book deserves a special place in your home and on your shelves.

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For more information about the book, links to purchase, and an amazing stop-motion trailer for the book, visit Margaret's blog here.


  1. Looks like talent runs in the family, that is a great cat and I love that the Elf is using the ideas as a springboard for other things.
    I have a bag of naked, faceless peg people that I think would benefit greatly from this book, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Aw, they came out so darling! A giveaway for, Making Peg Dolls, is on my blog & is still open for another 2 days. If any of your readers would like to enter, here's the link.

  3. How wonderful, children sure are inspired with this book,
    cheers Marie

  4. That cat and knight are wonderful! My kiddos love making peg people too, and Margaret's blog has been such an inspiration - I'm sure her book is even more so!