Monday, February 4, 2013


This was my first attempt at stranded, woven colorwork on a large project. It was knit on large needles for felting purposes. Because of that, prior to felting, the colorwork had.. issues. You could see my carries through the stitches in some place. After running it through the washing machine, though, I think it looks pretty good.



I haven't made a Ravelry entry for it yet. So here are the details.
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted
Needles: US 10
Bag pattern: Learn to Felt a Project Bag
Robot chart: Robot Hat
Tardis chart: Doctor Who Fair Isle
Sheep (on the handle - it didn't turn out very clear): Stranded Sheep Scarf

Now, of course, I'm without a fun! new! exciting! project. So I'm a bit miserable and making everyone around me crazy. 


  1. OMG Melissa, that is amazing. I want to make one too! I am trying to hurry and knit Mike a pair of wool socks for Valentine's and really wishing now I had married a short man with little legs and feet ;)

  2. Looks great!! I love how felting looks. I bet you'll be doing more stranded work now at you're a pro!!