Monday, July 11, 2011


Oh! This weekend was packed. With knitting!

This is what I have to show for it:

The pattern is written by the amazing Emily of Yarn Miracle. I cannot tell you how much fun I had knitting this guy. And my Beast *adores* him. He played with each and every piece (well, except for the body) prior to them being sewn together. His eyes lit up when I handed him the toy all completed. This cat has seen a lot of action and he's only a couple of days old.

Of course, the pattern is written for bulky yarn. I used worsted. Which got me thinking. And plotting. So Saturday on the way to my youngest niece's birthday party we swung by the yarn store where I pictured up some lace weight yarn. I've never knit with such fine yarn before. It's.. interesting. I clearly need better lighting and eyesight for this sort of work.

Regardless, now I have this to show for it (I did say that it was taking me longer):

I'm most of the way through a book that keeps getting more interesting. It's called The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Someone had posted about it, but of course now I can't recall who (does this prove that I read too many blogs?). In any case, I'm really enjoying it.

Hmm. What else? I made yummy pizza and the Elf is reading books again with little grumbling. His Singapore books (I bought them used from a yahoo group) arrived today. I've been putting off working on his curriculum, but I'm going to have to tackle once I'm done with this cat. Oh! And he officially passed third grade - he had his evaluation on Friday.

And now a baby has awoken from his nap! Whee!


  1. I think the cats are really cute! No wonder they are being played with. I really like the orange little one.

  2. Squeeeeal! The cats are ADORABLE. I want to play with them too. I giggled at your plotting comment. Those knitting projects that invite plotting can sometimes lead a beginner knitter into interesting, um, challenges.

    Beautiful work, mama!

  3. I love the giant cushion and the knitty-kitties (the 2 year old flopped over the giant cushion is pretty darn cute, too!)


  4. love the orange cat! i need to learn how to do this.