Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Quite A Yarn Along

I missed the Yarn Along again. Melissa + deadlines (recently) = at least a day late. Oops.

Here's what I've been working on knitting-wise:

A knitted cushion/stool. I used a seriously freaky thick cotton yarn that I bought from someone in a yahoo group. I found size 19 wooden needles on sale for $2 and used about 260 yards of yarn. The stuffing is: one king sized feather blanket, one twin comforter, and three pillows. My kids *adore* it.

Shorties! Of course. I hope to get these into my Etsy shop soon (where I've lowered a lot of my prices because nothing is selling and buying curriculum pieces is *expensive!*).

A cat! Oh, I am having so much fun with this one. I've cast on the body and will hopefully get some time to work on him today. B asked me why I'd made a cat with entrails (the yarn tails hanging from the neck). Since then my boys have completely latched on to this idea. Yes, I most definitely have boys. This cat head has seen a wicked amount of play already. In fact, the Beast wandered off with one of the ears while I was knitting the second one.

The eyes are very special on my cat head. Seaming, sewing, and embroidery are just not things that I'm good at. You can see the second eye better in this picture (with Surreal, one of our younger cats).

Also, you may see this guy (the wooden house is just there to prop him up) in a giveaway at one of my favorite blogs. I'll post about it when/if it happens.


  1. I cannot believe that stool! It is amazing! I bet it was fun to knit.

  2. The stool is awesome! How fun for your family. I didn't even get to post anything for the yarn along I didn't have anything new to say maybe next week.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your knit stool! You Rock with coming up with that idea. Have a super weekend.xx

  4. That big fat cushion/stool is about the most wonderful thing I've ever seen (the little guy on top is also on the most wonderful things list).

    Marvelous cat head - looks just like Surreal! Great colors on that one (and pretty eyes).