Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's about time!

That's what my husband said when I announced that I'd finally listed something in my (defunct) Etsy shop. I've been talking about listing some longies, some peg gnomes, some knitted dolls. I've had grand plans. Grand plans. What I'm lacking is time. So my sad little Etsy shop (where I previously sold handmade blank books) now has one whole listing! Woo! In all honesty, I probably spent longer on the banner, policies, etc than I did on writing up the listing. Gah.

Anyway. This is the shop. Whee!


  1. Those are a DREAM! Just SO wonderful. Way to go, busy talented mama!

  2. congrats on getting your shop up and running and your adorable little rainbow shorties flew out of there like lightening!!! That is fantastic :)