Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sewing Bee

Go visit The Sewing Bee over at Happiness Comes in little bits... - this is my first time participating!

I was intimidated by this. Sewing, to me, brings thoughts of ironing, pinning patterns, sewing machines. Ugh. I am not a fan of those things - and they aren't terribly crazy about me, either. So there I was, working on some playmats for my Etsy shop when it hit me. I was sewing! Handsewing, but sewing all the same! So I thought I'd jump into the fun.

I had a little Imp helping to test the stability of my tree (with a bee and Howl's Moving Castle figures by Mamaroots). Both mats are done now. And I have to say that I'm quite pleased. It's amazing how addicting it is to sew these things - though that tree did give me some trouble. I even used pins! The dreaded pins! And used my limited quilting knowledge to stabalize the batting inside. Sheesh. Who knew I'd enjoy *this?!*


  1. it looks *awesome*
    I, too, am afraid of sewing. I so dome handstitching; I am scared of sewing machines. I always feel like I am going to get my fingers caught! augh!
    you've inspired me, though...

  2. This is so fantastic, I love it! I've tried felting a playmat before and ended up with a big drippy mess of wool. This is much more my style:) Lovely.
    xo Jules