Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Window Stars.

For my step-mother's birthday I decided to try my hand at making Waldorf-style window stars. We don't have any kite paper, so we just used tissue paper. I wanted the Elf to try it out. He did, but it wasn't fun for him. Too fiddly. He doesn't have a great deal of patience. I hope to try this again with him, though - maybe it'll help him.

I used three tutorials to base our experiments on: GardenMama's, Duo Fiberworks, and Twig and Toadstool. I also looked at a whole mess of images on flickr.

Here are the ones we gave her.

The multi-colored one was folded by the Elf, though he asked me to glue it for him. I'm going to make some more for us to hang in our windows. I suspect they will look quite nice.


  1. Oh they are beautiful, I have been meaning to make some, cheers Marie

  2. ooh, they look great! I bet your step mum will love them:) Ive been wanting to make some more window pretties after making the crayon suncathers i posted about the other day, thanks for the links! The second one is my fav and the elf did a great job on his too. How old is the elf? (just wondering to give me an idea how my day care kids will go, I think they'l need a lot of 'help' but we'l give it a go)

  3. Marie: Thanks! They're easy and so fun! There must be a million different ways you could fold the papers to make new and interesting designs.

    Karen: The Elf is eight (newly turned). He's very flighty and doesn't like to do "work" unless it's of his own design. He likes the finished product and was excited to try it. But he gets frustrated extremely easily. I suspect that larger pieces of paper would be better for kids - also kite paper is (from what I've read) sturdier than tissue paper so it won't tear as easily. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Wow! They're all lovely, but I especially like that light-blue one with the open circle in the middle. Stunning!

  5. What lovely window stars, I love the blue ones:) Thank you so much for sharing your creativity on Creative Friday.