Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wandering Wednesday (eventually).

I don't think I ever posted about it here. In fact, I think it was before I really started writing in this blog. The original post is here. The short version is that I made a doll - one of those little star teether dolls for the Imp and he didn't much care for it.

Well, the Beast loves it! So there!

Stephanie posted about her experiences with co sleeping. I was thinking about her post while changing the sheets on our "family" bed(s) and decided to take this photograph. Four of us sleep here.

And finally, today is the last Wandering Wednesday over at GardenMama's blog. Read about it here.

Here I sit with my three little ones. It amazes me how every day they become more and more special to me.

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  1. hi, cute doll your baby looks mighty impressed with it. Looks like his first best friend:) Beautiful wondering wednesday!