Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extra Life

Okay people. I've never voluntarily joined a fundraising thing. I'll contribute, sure. But ask people for money? No way. Enter Extra Life. The short version is that I'm trying to raise $100 for the Trion Worlds Team. This is the least they'll let you sign up for. They say, have four friends pledge $1 an hour and play for 25 hours. Play video games for 25 hours. Torture, right? Find four people to contribute? Well, that may be the tricky part. As a family, we will be donating the money we've collected in our "give" jar. The donations, 100% of the money, go to children's hospitals to help families who can't afford treatment for their kids. The story is on the website and they can tell it better than I can.

The event takes place two weekends from now. I'm going to play at least 25 hours of video games (primarily Rift - a Trion game) between 8am November 2nd and 11:59pm November 3rd. If you'd like to donate you can go here to help me and the great folks at Trion raise some money for a good cause.

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