Thursday, December 13, 2012

Late Yarn Along

Everyone has been feeling craptacular at our house. Well, not the Elf. He's been just as loud and crazy as usual. The Beast, too, I guess. My two "little" brown-eyed boys (little, to exclude B, that is). Always full of energy. At any rate, I wasn't feeling quite up to the task of posting yesterday. So here I am, a day late.

I'm reading Into the Woods by Kim Harrison. It's a collection of short stories based on her Hollows series. These are B's knit pants. They're coming along quite well and I'm enjoying picking out which scrap of color to use next. It's funny. I can look at these pants and identify what project I used the original yarns for. It's like a catalog of my knitting life.

This is a dalek for my sister and her family. They are all completely obsessed with Doctor Who (which I have never watched). Let me tell you, this little guy is a pain in the neck. Front post single crochet? Really? Lots if them? The yarn I'm using for the gold part was a mistake, but the only gold I had. Here's hoping they appreciate it (because I've already injured my finger working on it).

Appa. I started him... in July (yes, I had to go check). I've more or less run out of yarn so I'll have to pick some up when I go knitting tomorrow.

Somehow I've managed to either get a teeny splinter in my index finger on my right hand (unlikely) or I've developed a teeny blister. Gee. With all this crocheting.. it's no wonder, I guess. Will this stop me? No! Of course not! But it will slow me down.

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  1. I hope everyone in your home is back to normal soon. We had some kind of bug come through my house, attacking all the males, I was spared, but had to play nurse maid.
    I've never seen Dr.Who either so have no idea what you are working on, but I hope the tiny blister goes away and you can crochet in comfort.

  2. I love the stripes in the knitted pants, how lucky that all the colours you have you used for different projects happen to look great together!

  3. Oh dear, I hope that you are all on the mend now! Illness is always crummy of course, but to be ill leading into the holidays? Arrrrgh!

    Those pants are GORGEOUS! I love, love, love the stripes and colours and that they're a knitting catalogue!