Monday, December 10, 2012


I spent the weekend dyeing and blocking my Arsenic and Old Lace shawl. That's right. I finally finished it.

The color isn't as even as I'd like. My largest stock pot is my dye pot. At least 10 quarts. Or maybe 8. I don't know. At any rate it isn't large enough for the shawl to have had room to move. I also don't have a cat/dog/child-free area large enough to block it properly. So I just laid it on my skirting table.

This week I'm going to test knit two patterns. I'm very excited. One is a critter by Linda Dawkins and the other a shawl by Caitlin Ffrench. So excited! It's not that I don't love working on B's knit pants (I'm on the first leg already!) or Appa (I started working on it again yesterday - the Elf guilt-tripped me). I'm ready for something new, though.

Speaking on new. I should share with you the Kerbal I made yesterday for B. He still needs a helmet and I'm not sure how I'll go about doing that. And the Master Chief doll I crocheted without a pattern. I tried to write the pattern out but I sort of failed to accurately describe the hemlet. Meh. Oh. And the roving that I dyed with carrot tops and alum. Regardless, the Beast is asking me to play with train tracks so these things will have to come later.


  1. Melissa, you have created a work of art! Your shawl is one of the most beautiful knits I have ever seen.
    I am practicing the Emily Ocker cast on so I can try my hand at Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring and if it turns out even a quarter of how you shawl looks I will be happy.

  2. Your shawl is amazing! I'd love to see a picture of it being worn.

  3. It's beautiful, it looks like it was so much work!

  4. HOLY COW!!!!! I love it! You did an amazing job :)

  5. oh wow it is so beautiful, well done you x x

  6. That shawl is so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait until I am able to knit something more advanced like that. Just gorgeous, enjoy wearing it.

  7. Would that be Appa from The Last Airbender? Man! We are obsessed with Last Airbender around here. Currently watching the final season from cartoon network (via computer download) and we never want it to end. I hate tv and never watch, but this... I watch...


    p.s. your shawl is gorgeous as is the test shawl in your other post. the wart hog is cute... which is just plain weird (almost as weird as the vulture you knit a while back.)