Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny for the Yarn Along. Following will be gratuitous toddler pictures. Just because.

Fiber + Books:
I'm reading/browsing this stack of books. Mostly I'm reading Elemental Magic while I wait for our trip to the library to pick up the fifth book in the series that I've been reading. Yes. I like mindless fantasy. Other than that, I've been studying the Botany in a Day book. I'm ashamed to admit how much it all baffles me. The yarn on top of the books is handspun by me. I dyed it yesterday while daydreaming about mermaids, sirens, lagoons, and pirate ships. Some day when it isn't raining and I can find a decent patch of natural light I'll take a better picture to show the true colors.

My actual knitting hasn't progressed much since my post yesterday. One sleeve is in progress and there is still a ribbon through the live stitches in the body. This is a source of great amusement for little hands than like to tug on said ribbon.

This is the top that I dyed over the weekend (also mentioned yesterday). I spun about half of it (roughly 2 ounces) and I think it's turning out nicely.

Yesterday I dyed the other half (about four ounces) of the Colonial wool from Mohair & More. I couldn't decide on just one color. Or a simple set of colors. It looks sort of like a clown (or rainbow) exploded. The Elf thinks that it will make stunning yarn. Here's hoping!
Gratuitous toddler pictures!

Yesterday it stormed in the afternoon. The Beast woke up declaring "thunder!" It was kind of hilarious.

Comfort was given.

Kissing quickly followed (I swear they aren't making out). It's amazing how well these two get along. They are nineteen months apart in age (and only a few inches apart in height). Of course, they fight just as passionately as they love.They are toddlers after all.


  1. I have to agree with the Elf,that will make some stunning yarn.
    My first three babies are each 21 months apart and I remember when they use to behave just like that, thanks for the memory.
    It finally stormed here this afternoon and I am so thankful for the rain!

  2. gorgeous yarn and sweet loving at the end! so sweet to have them close in age i bet.