Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yarn Along!

Linking up with Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Still knitting my cardigan. I'm a little less worried about it fitting. Here's hoping my luck holds out! I'm reading Fortune's Fool which is the third book in The Five Hundred Kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey. I need to find the fourth one from the library as I seem to be missing it.

My oldest son, the Elf, is nine. He's tried to learn to crochet before with no success. This time he seems to be getting it! We're making pokeballs. He's super anxious to finish his.

This is another lovely toy that I was lucky enough to test knit for the amazing Emily. Do not be fooled by his smallish head. Or his twisted foot. Those were totally user error. Lessons learned: do not stuff things when the majority of your stuffing is in the bedroom with the sleeping baby and - the most important - do not assume things just because the legs are similar to the arms! There's an extra line of directions for the legs and they are there for a good reason! In hindsight, being more awake at the time might have prevented that particular error. In any case! I adore Emily's patterns - go forth and scoop them up for yourself. Her Cat and Dog patterns are especial favorites here. Though I'm quite partial to the vulture.


  1. What a cute elephant! I'm glad your sweater is fitting and all is well in your knitting world.

  2. That elephant is really something- very clever!
    Your cardi looks lovely!

  3. So cute, love the Elephant! I am off to check out her other patterns :)

  4. Gosh, I'm 48 and still can't crochet that well. Congratulations to the Elf. Besides spinning I guess I need crochet lessons too!
    The elephant is cute, small head and all.

  5. The elephant is fab! And I chuckled about the not assuming about parts of the pattern, having done that myself.

    And yay for crocheting son! My middling has started knitting now, and it is such a delight to have her doing so at my side.

  6. That cardigan is going to be gorgeous! And wow, he's only 9? His crochet work looks so professional!

  7. i have always found it so difficult to stuff knit animals...(unless they were teeny tiny). anyway, i find this elephant to be quite charming!