Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Joining up with Nicole for {crafting on} today, although this is also just a "since the last time" sort of post.

Can I be him for a day? Seriously. Breakfast in bed. Lounging.

The Elf helping make my tea mix. It contains: red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, nettle, alfalfa, oat straw, mint, red clover). I add fresh or frozen parsley when I brew it. I make 32 ounces in my french press every morning and sip it iced throughout the day. Yum!

The Beast happily browsing the catalog that came with an order from Bulk Herb Store. He sat with it for a good twenty minutes. Let's just ignore that it's upside down in this picture, okay?

A while ago I ordered some fiber from Mohair & More. This is some (about four ounces) of the Colonial Wool. The mood struck and I dyed this up in a bunch of shades of green. I've had gardening on the brain, what can I say? I started spinning some of it today and managed to fill a bobbin worth. I'll share picture of that tomorrow maybe.

The Beast has taken to falling asleep in the afternoon with no assistance. This is weird, but.. kind of nice. He's learning to fall asleep on his own and that's a good thing. He still nurses to sleep at night, though.

There are so many things I want to say about this picture. Apologies and excuses. I'm going to skip them all and talk about my cardigan. It's almost done!

I've been working on it for a while using this pattern. I think it's finally about long enough in the body so now it's time to start the sleeves. When it's all done I'll be off to find the perfect (within my budget - which sadly precludes nearly anything handmade on Etsy) buttons. Hopefully the buttons will break up the massive (ahem) expanse of grey on the one side (it's being held together by a kids' knitting needle).

So..not so much crafting, I guess. Some dyeing, some spinning, some knitting. Mostly I've been cleaning. And cleaning. I never seem to catch up with all of the mess, though.


  1. Your tea sounds wonderful and reading the ingredients gave me some ideas.
    I am working on making buttons out of deer antlers and cedar wood, when I get them finished I would love to share with you if you would like, how many and what size?

  2. Cute Beastie (and Elf), gorgeous dye job, and I-spy with my little eye familiar sippy cups. No wonder I cannot find ours... it seems our sippies have migrated to Florida? Also, it seems you've cloned my hair -- same color, length, texture and cut (weird.) Looking forward to seeing buttons on your nifty cardigan...


  3. You are beautiful, and don't let the tapes in your head tell you otherwise.

  4. Love the cardigan and I love the drape and shape, it will look polished off when you put the buttons on!! Great job :) Breakfast in bed sounds like fun until I think of the crumbs....

  5. Careful with mint and your supply! although maybe the alfapha balance it out :)