Friday, December 23, 2011

I meant to post this all yesterday. But I didn't. Oh well. I also haven't taken a picture of my now-brown shawl. It's cloudy and dark and I'm not really sure where to lay it for the best presentation (brown shawl + brown wood floors = not so great). But! I finished my father's christmas gift!

And here are some pictures from Solstice at our house.

The hero pegs I made for the boys. Wolverine, Captain America, Robin, Batman, and Deadpool (some of these were *greatly* influenced by the amazing peg dolls I found on Etsy). Within five minutes of playing with them, they smeared a bit. It makes me worry greatly about the peg dolls that I've sold on Etsy. Of course, it didn't help that the Imp had had his hands in his mouth prior to playing with them. The anxiety, I tell you. I should just stop selling things all together.

The Beast loves the camera. His greatest pleasure is getting behind it and helping take the pictures. Budding photographer, perhaps?


  1. Your superheroes turned out really great! I just got a wood burner and realized after using it the first time that it definitely only looks easy, but it takes a lot of skill to use one!

  2. Your superheros turned out AMAZING!!! Cutest little super-duper-hero peg dolls EVER! I'm sure they still look good after a bit of fun & play and even smeared paint.

    I find paint can smear a bit if I've applied a heavier coat of paint for a brighter color... though the longer the paint "cures" the better it will stay... also, rubbing in beeswax polish seems to rub off excess paint which should prevent smears. Anyhow, love, love, love...


  3. What cuties - the boys, AND your creations! I found that the paint tends to fade, especially any black outlines. Which is one of the reasons why I wanted a woodburner (for outlining that will keep). But even with the fading, the kids still love 'em. And your fabulous superheroes will surely be well-loved!

  4. LOVE the superheroes!
    I will email pics of my kids opening the treasures you sent on Christmas'll be delighted at their delight!
    Also...check out my latest post...the yarn you sent me became the mermaids' tails! Thanks again!

  5. Hello Melissa...Wishing you and your house full o' boys lots of merry-making! It was nice to sit and catch up a bit...lots of lovely knitted things, of course. And please, keep selling on etsy...yes, you should!!!
    xo Jules