Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn Along!

Joining Ginny at Small Things again this week.

I don't have anything *on* the needles photographed right now. I just finished weaving in the ends of this:

It's about half of a wolverine mask (like this). I have less than no idea of how I'll be adding the black "ears" but I imagine I'll think of something (I hope!). On the reading front, I'm in the middle of The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. No picture of the book, I'm simply too lazy.

Here are some things I've finished recently.

Another ninja. This one with a slightly larger head. Neither one looks right, but I like this one better. You may be seeing him in a giveaway on one of my favorite blogs soon - I'll post about it when/if it happens.

Another hare from the Wee Woodland Wuzzies pattern. I adore these toys made out of organic cotton. No safety eyes for this one as it's a surprise gift for a wee one.

A horse! Even though it looks sort of like a giraffe with a mohawk. I need to show it to the intended's mother before I call it a swap. I can't get over how "special" it is. The consolation is that if she doesn't like it, the Beast probably will (poor kid, he gets my reject toys).

What will I start next? A fairy doll, I think. Or maybe I'll pull out my sweater to work on it. Either way, I have laundry detergent to make before I can indulge in some craftiness!

Oh! How could I forget this? It's a skein of yarn I dyed. It started out as a hank of Top of the Lamb by Brown Sheep in a light grey color. I over dyed it with blues and greens. It's a bit jewel-toned now and slightly more green than I had in mind (the colors in the picture and less than accurate).


  1. I love all the animals you knit, they are adorable.
    Hooray for the yarn you dyed. I have never done that before, but plan to one day.I like the color it turned out since I really like the color green. xx

  2. I need to overdye some yarn as well. Love the little critters.

  3. i love the mohawk and think the mom will too!

  4. You are so talented with creating animals :) The mask is cute and I am looking forward to seeing how you attach ears.

  5. Oh my I just love the animals! As a mom of all girls I can pass on the ninja and wolverine mask.

  6. The yarn you dyed is beautiful! What a delightful colour!

  7. how cute! these are all adorable!

  8. For the wolverine mask, how about sewing black felt over the eyes (and cutting out eye-holes) then having it extend up for the ears? If the felt is not stiff enough to stand up for the ears you could 1) make the ears shorter 2) sandwich pieces of plastic milk container between 2 layers of felt (or if you don't use plastic milk jugs, you can get some of that plastic grid stuff from a craft store... I think it's used for cross-stitch and needle-point type crafts?)


  9. Very cute little friends you have been making. I made a horse once with a similar do - I just called him a punky pony!
    enjoy the reading.

  10. My goodness you are so productive! It's been a while since I dropped in and your creations are so fun!!! I'm hoping all is well with you ~ sorry for being so neglectful, life is very full! Hugs,
    xo Jules