Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yarn Along and Birthday Goodies

Joining Ginny at Small Things again this week.

A pair of longies! Who would have thought, right? I'm using the leftover yarn from knitting Emily's test pattern for a bear. Will these be for my kids (who sorely need longer longies?) or will they go into the shop? Well, that depends on how far this ball of yarn gets me. It's entirely possible that they'll end up as shorts. Time will tell! As for reading, I finally picked up the second book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I've owned it for a good long while and just never got around to it. As I'm currently lacking in library books, it seemed like the time to get into it. So far it is quite as enjoyable as the first book.

And now!
Yesterday was my sweet little Imp's third birthday. Here are the (sad, pathetic, poorly put together) gifts that I made for him.

This is Deadpool. A Marvel character. The Imp is in full-on comic super hero mode. Ever year we participate in Free Comic Book Day. Needless to say, we have a lot of comic books. We're also a video game family (hold your judgement, please). So no, he doesn't really understand who Deadpool is. He just knows that he looks cool and (in his words) "Deadpool have two swords!"

I think I failed in making this guy, though. There are some much, much, much better ones on Ravelry. Here are my notes, such as they are.

This is a Wolverine mask. It had so much potential. And then I sewed the "ears" on crooked. The night before his birthday. It's not an accurate representation, either. But he recognized it (along with the doll), so that's what matters, right? Granted, he refuses to wear it properly - guess I should have just made a Spiderman hat instead. Ah, well. Notes here.

These are some of my finished gnomes that will, hopefully, make it into my Etsy shop.. eventually. Many thanks to Julie for her wonderful help and idea sharing.

These are my Autumn Gnomes.

And these are my weather gnomes. Okay, so nighttime and rainbows aren't really weather.


  1. I love those weather gnomes and autumn gnomes! It's been too long since my wood burner was out. I might need to make some of those! :)

  2. That mask is so cool! I think you did a great job on them and I'm sure he loves them.
    And I think you already know how I feel about those gnomes. ;)

  3. wonderful things, such fun
    love that book, awhile now since I read it
    happy days

  4. While I love all your knitting projects {they are all great], I simply adore the little gnomes you made. You are a woman of many talents! xx

  5. ohhhhhhh these books are where my LO got his name from (Jamie!!)!!! My absolute favourite books EVER!
    Your knitting looks gorgeous, too!

  6. No matter how you feel about how the ears are sewn on the wolverine mask or whether or not your Deadpool guy came out as you had planned, your Imp loves them and he got hand-made birthday gifts created with love by his mama, and that's just the best! (and, yeah, count me in for the gnome-fan-club... cute, cute, cute!)


  7. I loved the wolverine mask! It made me smile - all your porjects are amazing! i have read the first in that series - it was called Cross Stitch over here, years and years ago. I did like it, but have never read the others

  8. Your gnomes are so cute, I can't stand it!! :)