Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yarn Along and Other Things.

Joining Ginny at Small Things again this week.

Still knitting my sweater. Not a great photograph, but it shows the color well. I've just about made it to the bottom of the arm holes. Excitement! I'm just shy of half-way through The Happiness Project - which is a problem because it's due back at my library in three days. Oops. So what have I been doing instead of reading?


I have been extremely fortunate to have two sales on my Etsy shop in the last week or so. Of course now my normally pretty empty shop is looking pathetic indeed. So a bit of restocking is in order. These gnomes aren't done, but don't they look handsome? I got to try out my new watercolor pencils. Yum!

What you can't really see, laying in front of the gnomes is this:

My dear and lovely friend has gotten my family absolutely addicted to My Neighbor Totoro (you should hear the Beast declare "toto! toto-doe!" when he wants to watch it). I searched Etsy and would you believe there aren't any Totoro stich markers? Travesty! The Elf and I had some Sculpey fun and made ourselves a veritable army of Totoro.

Ignore my freaky colored fingers and nails in the photo. I spent last night trying to make black felt.

This is what black gel cake dye gets you. Sigh. I thought for sure that steaming the felt would help. If you just let it soak, it generally turns pink. My next attempt will use much more of the gel (which is freakishly old, anyway). See, I need black wool felt to finish the Imp's birthday present (for this Tuesday! Ack!) and the only local place to buy it (Michaels - and resonably priced, too!) doesn't seem to want to stock it. Bleh.

And to end with a cute picture...


  1. Your sweater looks beautiful & your creations are so sweet!

  2. I love the stitch marker - adorable! I quite like the way the black dye has broken on the felt (I think that's what it's called when the colours split) but obviosuly not what you were going for! - I think I read somewhere that overheating the dye can make the breaking worse...

  3. The sweater color is lovely! I like totoro and a dear friend made my youngest a felted doll of him(?) for her birthday. They did tie dying at my son's school this week and sent the shirt home to be washed. He was so excited to have a dark purple, it turned out pink. Your wool reminds me of it.

  4. have you tried hobby lobby and joanns? There is also a hobby shop

  5. hee hee... I spy with my little eye a wee bear! And I love your chibi-totoro stitch marker (without the ears it could be a wee-ghostie... so very seasonally appropriate!)

    Also, I love your parade of darling gnomies...


  6. So many little treasures in this post!

  7. The little gnomes are adorable.
    I read the Happiness Project last
    year, what do you think of it? xx

  8. Oh, my goodness! I love, love, LOVE those gnomes and seriously need some! Are they going into your shop then? If you ever wanna swap with me.... ;)