Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life, the Universe..

I find myself thinking "Hey, I should post about that!" frequently these days. And then life swoops along and I don't get around to it. I manage to find the time to read so many blogs - read and enjoy them. But I can't seem to set aside time to focus on my own. Blah.

As mentioned before (at least, I think I've mentioned it), I've joined Gypsy Forest in a year of good things. Not all of my good things can be or have been documented with photographs. So I thought I'd list a few of them here:
11/365: We got our tax return. Woo? This allowed us to pay off the last of our credit card debt. Woo!
12/365: My boys took me out for breakfast. Spinach and artichoke egg souffle. Yum!
13/365: We all went out for dinner (which cannot become a habit as we're already over budget for the week). Everyone ate. Everyone. The picky two year old that thinks breastmilk is all he'll ever need. The infant. The eight year old. Everyone. And there was no screaming. No crying. It. Was. Awesome.
14/365: The Beast ate part of a banana. It was the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. I took some pictures, but I'm not sure if any are non-blurry. He sat on the bed inspecting it, tentatively cramming it into his mouth, making adorable faces.

On the knitting front, I've broken my one-project-at-a-time rule. I have a "secret" project that just isn't working out, a pair of longies that reminds me of a computer game the boys play, and hair for the Imp's knitted doll. I'll have pictures tomorrow for the Yarn Along.

Life keeps moving. Let's hope I can keep up!


  1. I love that focus on good things...

  2. Happy to have you join the year of goodness.... and the night out for dinner had me laughing. Such celebration to enjoy a meal out of the house.... only a mama could understand this sort of bliss ;)

  3. Hey, just in case, I saw on facebook you won momma and baby loves cup give away, so email her!