Thursday, February 3, 2011

365 and Help!

I decided to join Gypsy Forest in her "A Year of Good Things" flickr group. Being behind, as always, my year started in February. You can see my photos here.

Also, I'm on a quest. Perhaps you knitters out there can help me. I want to knit myself a sweater. Now, I live in Florida. So I'll likely make it for next winter as there's no way I'll finish one before it warms up again (so I'm not in any hurry). Right. Here's where you come in. I need a pattern. I've looked on Ravelry and found a few possibilities. Here are my criteria:

- I prefer a free pattern for obvious reasons (hi, I'm broke)
- I'd like to use worsted weight yarn
- I'm not skinny, nor a child, so it'll need larger sizes
- nothing fancy - no cables, no lace. I'm good with stockinette. Plain and boring suits my attention span just fine.
- I'd like the neck to be the style of the shirt I'm wear in this (fuzzy) picture:

Yes. So. Any suggestions? Most of the patterns I've found that I like want bulky yarn and I'm still too much of a novice to know how to work around that.


  1. I highly recommend a top down raglan. You can work with any gauge, any yarn, and customize the sizing. There are some great patterns on Ravelry! Hope that helps!

  2. Something like this perhaps?

    or this maybe?

  3. HAve you looked through some knitting books at the local library...if you find a pattern you like you can photocopy it for very little.Sometimes thats something I do...when i am knitting that is.

  4. I LOVE the Blossom Tee that Erin linked too. That would be perfect for down here!

  5. That is a good neckline. I did a top-down raglan once, and it came out looking kind of boring -- kind of homely. The right yarn will help, and a great neckline.

  6. Thanks, all. I've fallen behind on my comments since the Imp got sick. I've added the Blossom Tee to my favorites on Ravelry. And some day when I don't have the kids with me (har. har. har.) I'll spend some time in the knitting section of the library. (: